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Senator wants to give illegal immigrants tuition discounts


Just because you are in the country illegally doesn’t mean you should have to pay out of state tuition for college, according to one state Senator in Maryland. A New York Criminal Lawyer revealed that the Senator is planning on introducing a new bill that would offer individuals who have attended high school in the state the chance to pay in-state tuition rather than the substantially higher cost of out-of- state tuition. 

The thinking is that once the state has invested money into their public education, then it just makes sense to make sure that they have the means to continue to get a good education so that when they finally do become legal to live in the country, they will be a viable asset to the work force, if they are not already. 

Advocates of this proposal claim that though they may be living in the country illegally, they are still worthwhile citizens and should not be denied an education and a chance to move ahead. Those who oppose such reasoning say that if they have gone through an entire education from grade school to high school illegally and on the taxpayers dime, then why not just give them citizenship outright? After all, they have been here long enough.

Children born to illegal immigrants face legal struggles of citizenship even though they were born here. The expense of becoming a legal citizen is too high for most lower class families to afford, explained the New York Criminal Lawyer. More than an education, these people just want to belong here. Once they are citizens, they would get the same tuition rates and have the same access to scholarships and financial aid as everyone else. 

Legal issues are a challenge no matter where one is in their life.

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