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Court Rules on Extending Order For Protection


Sex crimes according involves a lot of complications on how you can offer utmost protection to the victims. Victims of such kinds of crimes can be truly traumatized and even find themselves restless and threatened all the time. In this sex crime case of Wesley Foster, the amendment is asked to be modified for the further protection of the victims of the suspect’s alleged domestic violence acts. It was in July 5, 2004 when Foster attacked his ex girlfriend by breaking into her apartment and harassing her extremely.

He did this despite his orders of staying away from the victim. He was charged with several more cases of burglary and also criminal contempt amongst many others. It even involved stalking and extreme harassment. Everything was consolidated and the court advised him to go through treatment alternatives program. If he would go through such, then his degrees of conviction would be lessened and may even be dismissed. But if he would not give in to drug treatment, then the orders of the court would remain the same. He would be sent to prison for seven years.

Not only that according to a New York child pornography lawyer who was part of the team, his post release provision will be supervised up until five years. Besides the two chances that he was given, he still failed to finish the program. It was in 2006 when the appeal for added protection for the victims was amended that the maximum duration of the protection was even increased up to around eight years.This is just right especially with such an erratic behavioral problem shown by the accused.

Such permission to extend protection was meant for the greater benefit and protection of the victims and witnesses involved instead of just merely punishing the defendant. It is the responsibility of the court to ensure that all the victims and witnesses involved would have peace as reward to the courage and responsible citizenship they have shown in standing up for such an intricate case. This is of course with the utmost cooperation of the officials of the law enforcement bodies.

Such extension should be honored especially for the greater benefit of the offense victims. It is only the Supreme Court who has the say and power to issue this final order of protection extension up to about eight years which is the maximum. This takes effect from the date that the sentence was made. Any appeal to have this request dismissed will surely be denied by the court. As with the perception of an expert this is just right especially for the families who have already been broken and torn apart by simply being involved in such cases.

You can only get this request for utmost protection if you would try contacting any New York sex abuse lawyer from the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. They are the ones who can help you understand the legal procedures you must go through and the requirements of proof that you need to comply. Above all, to have a competent lawyer by your side will not just increases your chances of winning but also increase your knowledge on such cases. Next time, you will never be deprived of your rights nor will you be threatened by anyone who attempts to steal your freedom.

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