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Court Decides Sex Crime Case with Teenage Victims


The case of Elliot Shapiro is an important case that a New York sex crime lawyer can present for you to fully understand the details of intricate sex crimes. He was convicted of abusing a minor and at the same time promoting prostitution. He was fighting for the fair trial of his rights thinking that they were actually violated. He was accused of sexually violating high school boys for 17 months with all the victims being under 17 years of age. During the trial, it was proven that the boys got money for it and that there was no physical harm imposed on them.

Police officers from the New Rochelle Police Department came out with a search warrant after hearing enough from a wire tapped procedure ordered by the court. They learned that two friends of Shapiro would be bringing in two teenagers who are male prostitutes so as to perform sexual acts for a fee. Another adult by the name of Brian Dowling is set to join them too. When they reached the home, they found Dowling, the defendant and two teenagers all naked in the second floor.

As per the New York criminal lawyer who researched on this case as well, Shomer and Shenn were guilty of promoting prostitution and risking the life of the two minors, aged 15 and 13. Their cases were tried separate from Shapiro. The young males attested that anal sex was performed on them while Shapiro reacted to this telling the court that he was just simply a man of weak sexual desires tempted by the two pimp friends. He wanted to establish the role that his options were limited at that time.

There was also a point raised by a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer that wiretapping requires warrants and cannot be installed just by the own prerogatives of the police officers. It should still be conforming to the Federal statutes of New York. It was allowed in this case since the crimes included are the ones being investigated about Shapiro. Overall, the purpose of proving the crime being done by the defendant can help in protecting the other minors living within the area of the community with whom Shapiro may choose as victims of sexual abuse too in the future.

The rights of Shapiro were not violated as how he perceives it to be for the result of the search and raid only proved what everyone was expecting. Reviewing it, the police officers found Shapiro with the teenage prostitute along with the other couple who were being talked about by the pimp friends over the phone. This then fulfilled successfully and justified the use of wiretapping Shapiro’s phone calls. This put an end to it all and brought justice to the community that Shapiro was somehow ruining already.

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