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Sex Crimes Against a Minor


It is the children whom we need to protect the most from the harm done by sex crime offenders lurking in the society today. However, it can be truly sad when the offender comes from within the basic unit of the society which is the family. According to a New York sex crime lawyer, this is case with this particular father who was charged of rape of a minor. The unnamed suspect had sex with a minor, specifically younger than 15 years old.

He was also found to be patronizing prostitution. He was sent to spend time in prison for one year and was also released after he served the required time. By 2007, the Dutchess County Department of Social Services or the DSS filed a petition involving their being negligent parents. This was because of the scenario that the released father was still an untreated sex offender while the mother was not proven to be capable of protecting her own kids from the father.

A New York criminal lawyer who did thorough research on this learned that a caseworker from the said group investigated pretty well on the family. However, he had no proper documents at that time that would prove the father was not appropriate for his own children. The wife on the other hand testified that she was completely innocent of the crimes of her on husband. It never got into her mind that her husband would be a threat to their children for she never saw him show such a negative behavior in their family. In the end though, the Family Court made a conclusion that there was clearly a negligent act on both parents.

Another involved who is a Bronx Criminal Lawyer said that the parents appealed to this and fought for the fact that there was no evidence at all that he may be dangerous for his own kids. There was really no solid evidence presented except for this criminal background that he has already served in prison. The case weakened all the more when the case worker who filed the petition was not also sure whether the risk that the parents can do to their children is imminent.

The Family Court did not find any sufficient proof that the overall condition of the children would be affected with the punishment that their father has recently gone through due to a sexual crime. DSS did not push any appeal anymore the court just issued a kind of Order of Protection for the benefit and welfare of the kids. The father kept saying that he has gone through proper psychological assessment so as to lessen his risk to his own kids. His wife also moved to Canada with their four kids and that he is not even allowed to enter the region.

It is very important to consult a competitive lawyer for the resolution of rampant sex crimes happening all around us today. This is especially true if it is already our loved ones and families involved. You can try getting in touch with any lawyer in the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates so that you can be assured of a worry-free and stress-free legal proceeding. It is only for your utmost protection that these lawyers fight till the end to let you realize how important it is to fight all the way for someone’s rights, your own rights.

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