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Supreme Court Rules on Sex Crimes Case


Almost every New York Criminal Lawyer is aware of the fact that for various sex crimes, sex offenders are set to register for them to be treated properly and also as a way to protect the rest of the citizens of the society. In this particular case to be discussed, there are three accused sex offenders who refuse to register under this legal act. All of them were involved with having committed kidnapping. They insist that their rights have been violated since there were no proofs that they really did it.

The first one accused is defendant #1. She was seen approaching a group of little children in the park and allegedly grabbed an eight year old kid. Her motive was to have a replacement of one of her own kids whom she has lost due to custody. The next one was defendant #2 who allegedly locked his girlfriend who has two little kids in her own apartment. The reason is that he did not want his girlfriend to break up with him. The last one is defendant #3 who employed a prostitute. When his employee decided to quit, he was accused of kidnapping the woman’s son so the woman would go back to working for him.

As per the Supreme Court’s judgment, all three should be assisted by a Bronx Criminal Lawyer under the Sex Offender Registration Act. But as already mentioned, they all protested and did not want to succumb to it. The main reason of the three is that they may be guilty of kidnapping but they were never found guilty of sexually abusing the minors they have abducted. But if SORA will be reviewed, it includes unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping in the list of crimes committed.

Once offenders agree to register, they will still be categorized to be of high or moderate level according to the intensity of crimes they have committed. All their information is included upon registration like their photos, addresses, previous employment, and a lot more. However, all of them consistently fight it off that there are no proof to any sexual misconduct for them to be ordered to register under SORA. Yes, such may not be ruled out as per the analysis of a credible New York sex with minor defense lawyer but it does not mean that the court violated their acts and rights.

All three believe that the State did not let them fight for their own rights and that they should not be labeled of committing a crime that they did not really do. They said that they do not want to be known in the society for being child predators when they have not really done any sexual act on the kids they have kidnapped. But the only interest that the Court has is to protect the community from such offenders who can potentially cause harm or danger to such minors even if it did not include sex crimes. Besides, a lot of cases prove that kidnapping most of the time lead to sexually abusing the abductees.

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