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Sex Offenders Display Early Signs of Mental Illness


When you ask an expert New York Criminal Lawyer these days, it is common to hear that most sex offenders suffer from severe mental abnormality or disease. To help you further understand this, we take a good example of this case of John Suggs. He is a known detained sex offender who suffers gravely from being mentally abnormal. During his trial, two expert psychologists presented in court to prove and offer their opining that John truly suffers from mental abnormality. The doctors are named as Dr. Krishner and Dr. Peterson.

One of the doctors rendered a summary report that described his childhood, teenager and adult history when it comes to history of trauma and abuse. It was outlined comprehensively as they recount all the helpful things that may have happened in the past of the accused. As a child, it was discovered that he was not taken good care of by his parents. At the young age of three, he was already wandering the streets and since then has become such a great rebel in school and even in the immediate community he was in.

According to another New York Criminal Lawyer, he also once set fire to a dormitory and even was convicted of the death of his own mother at one point. He even attempted to commit suicide at the young age of 11 by thinking of drinking mercury straight from a thermometer. It was at the age of 1 when he committed his first rape case. He kidnapped a female college student by pointing a knife straight at her and raped and stole some money from her in a room. The lawyer who once studied this case believes that this is such a case of extreme mental abnormality.

All these discoveries about the life of John Suggs shocked everyone including an expert New York Sex Crimes Lawyer with minor defense lawyer who became a part of the case. It is justified in such cases that when law and psychiatry work together well, then justice filled decisions are made so that justice can be truly achieved and for the society to not feel fear within the communities they live in. Nevertheless, the accused still fought for his case and mentioned a lot of alibis that did not work out well for the court to believe and give him a chance for.

He said he is very sick with diabetes and that he is not at all a serial rapist as how he was seen during the proceeding. When it comes to his alleged Anti-Social Personality Disorder, John said that he is not a rebel at all but just has a weird personality but just set in a different fashion or style. Even if Suggs appeared to be intelligent and even highly articulate in court, the crimes he has done will not be free from being punished according to the rightful laws of New York when it comes to dealing with sex crimes.

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