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Stories from Around the City


The first story comes out of Queens.
A grocery worker, apparently tired of providing polite service, allegedly hit a customer in the face with a bat, ending an argument that happened in a shop in Flushing.
The 24-year-old grocer had been having heated words with the victim in the grocery store at about 1:30 in the morning when the customer stormed out.
According to official documents obtained, the grocery store worker wasn’t quite done yet. He followed the victim across the street, grabbed him by the shoulder, turned him around, and hit him in the face with the bat, knocking the victim unconscious.
The victim lost one tooth in the assault and five others so loose as to require later extraction. The grocery store worker was arrested and charged with gun possession and assault.
Elsewhere in Queens, a woman and her sister were attacked by a man with a machete, like a scene out of a horror movie, NYC Criminal Lawyers have learned. The attack occurred in Ozone Park at about 6 p.m.
The 60-year-old suspect was arguing with the two women near his home on Sutter Avenue, when he picked up a machete and threatened them, according to sources.
The women attempted to flee and the man with the machete gave chase, cutting one on the arms and body. Fortunately, the police arrived to rescue the women. The victims were hospitalized, but neither of them had life-threatening wounds, sources told New York Criminal Lawyers.
A story out of Brooklyn tells of a man has been arrested for a prank – Super Glue on his neighbor’s front door lock. A man from Red Hook has been arrested for the deed.
Surveillance video clearly shows the 41-year-old suspect putting glue on the lock, at 8:30 a.m., police revealed to New York Criminal Lawyers.
Later in the day, the victim came home and found himself unable to open his own door. The suspect, who is said to have been arguing with the victim, was arrested the next day.

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