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Suffolk County brothers plead guilty to rape reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

Brothers Anthony Minkeson, 20, and Patrick Minkeson, 19, have pled guilty to raping a young girl last year. The Minkeson’s, along with their friend Justin McDonald, were in a park in Suffolk County, NY when they approached the young woman and her friends. The men were armed with baseball bats and a gun. They robbed and tied the young woman’s friends up. Anthony Minkeson, who is a Wyandanch, NY resident, repeatedly raped the woman while his brother Patrick; a Huntington, NY resident; held the gun. Both of the Minkeson’s were being charges with first degree rape, sexual assault, and first degree robbery, as well as other charges. They pleaded guilty during their pre-trial conference. Anthony Minkeson will receive 22 years in prison and Patrick will receive 19 years in prison when they go back to Suffolk Supreme Court; located at 1 Rivington Street, Riverhead NY 11901; for sentencing. They had also pled guilty to an armed robbery that was committed in 2007. They will each receive 9 years for the robbery, which will have to be served consecutively with the rape sentencing. When released from prison, both men will have to file as registered sex offenders. Their accomplice, McDonald will begin trial next week in Suffolk County Supreme Court.
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