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Suspect Seen at Scene of the Crime in Nassau, LI


A witness with a sharp eye saw something that may help in the case of an armored car robbery and murder, sources revealed to investigators. The witness saw the crimes take place – and he also saw an acquaintance of his, the suspect, at the scene two weeks earlier, he testified in court.
Just hours after the 1994 robbery occurred, in which an armored car guard was killed, the witness said he was shown a number of photographs by Nassau police. One of these photographs was the suspect, who is now on trial, facing murder charges in federal court.
In the process of the trial, the witness said he told police he knew the suspect, but didn’t see him at the robbery. He didn’t mention he’d seen the suspect at the crime scene before, but that was easy to rationalize – the suspect was wearing a pig mask during the robbery, prosecutors informed New York Criminal Lawyers.
The suspect, who operates a gym in Dix Hills, is charged with the murder of the armored car guard and two of his own associates who he feared might tell the cops. One of these associates assisted in the robbery, while another sent police a recording that implicates the suspect.
The witness has his own problems with the law in both Staten Island and Westchester County. He didn’t tell everything he knew at first, which led to him pleading guilty to a charge of lying to a federal agent. He may go to prison for five years, himself. It is his hope his testimony might grant him some mercy form the court.
The witness had known the suspect for a few years and described their relationship as “cordial”.
“I got kind of nervous,” he explained to New York Criminal Lawyers, referring to when he was shown the suspect’s photo. “If he had participated, then he saw me –“
He later told the suspect he had seen the police photograph.
“I wanted him to know that I never said anything about seeing him there in the weeks prior. He just looked at me and walked away… I guess I was just looking for reassurance. I wanted it to be good.”

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