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The Mob, The Mulberry Bush, and The Marijuana Bust Reported by a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer


The bust labeled “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” definitely has the characteristics of a big time organization. Marijuana and $1.1 million in cash was found and it is thought to be the profits from a money-laundering ring and even has ties to a mob. The apartment on Mulberry Street is located near part of the Bonanno crime family’s turf.

Two men were arrested last month in conjunction with this drug ring. A photo of one of these men in a field of marijuana was found in the flat and by all indications, the drugs were headed to California to fund a Mexican cocaine purchase and the rest would be shipped to Canada.

Two other suspects of the drug ring are Dehran Duckworth, a drummer in the band Narhed and a real estate agent. These criminals were caught last month with a duffel bag holding five pounds of marijuana. The bag was in a BMW, which was belonged to one of the suspects. The pot was found shrink-wrapped to help hide the odor of the pot and the other chemicals used in processing. Marijuana and Canadian Bud is a source of big bucks for the criminals involved in the drug industry.

The autopsy was inconclusive and the child’s father who was distraught said the woman was a good mother and he couldn’t imagine why she would do such a thing. The father was also decidedly upset that his son was left unidentified when obviously relatives much closer to the family could have made the identification. According to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer, he was planning to make the trek across the country to identify the little boy and hopefully gets some answers while planning a burial.

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