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There’s nothing sadder than a mother maltreating her own children


There’s nothing sadder than a mother maltreating her own children. This case is about a mother who inspite of having four children already, still didn’t have the maternal instinct to care for her kids. She has two kids from her first partner and twins with a man reported to have been physically and emotionally abusing her.

It was determined by the court and by the Social Welfare Department that the mother has actually sexually abused her eldest son. The court and the Social Welfare Officers are trying to establish if the mother’s behaviour is a result of domestic violence that was brought about by the father of the twins.

The mother has gone through a lot of counselling and therapy. She has also undergone sexual offender therapy because of what she has done to her eldest son. This is very disturbing because this is not a common case. It is not every day that we hear that mothers are involved in sex crimes against their son or daughter. She had actually completed all of the seminars, counselling and therapies except for the sex offender therapy. The reason for this is she refused to admit what she had done.

Despite the domestic violence issue between her and the father of the twins, the true victims in this case are the kids. Her eldest son, because of the sexual abuse has been showing negative behavior that is not normal for a child his age. The mother’s refusal to admit what she has done to him and her failure to recognize the especial needs of her son has created a wide gap between her and her child.

The mother is suffering from a deep behavioral and emotional distress. The Family court has used a lot of approaches to strengthen the ties between the mother and her children, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Unfortunately all of their efforts were unsuccessful. The mother still continues to have occasional relationship with the twins’ father despite the domestic violence issue. She also doesn’t have any concrete plans for her children especially about their welfare and wellbeing. She also refused to admit that she has sexually abused her son. Her parenting skills are also in question. Whenever she is permitted to see her children she neglects them and gets easily irritated by their “noise” and activities. She has been reported to show indifferent behaviour to her children during visitations. She often times seen to push the children away and shout at them. She also exhibits negative behavior and says negative things to her children. She even threatens to leave them whenever she feels that their behavior is too much for her to handle.

As a result of her behavior, the children have been placed under foster care. It can’t be told how long the children will be under such care because there are no clear signs that the mother is improving in terms of her emotional and mental state. The mother, however expressed her willingness to let her parents (the grandparents of her children) adopt her eldest son.

This is a true case that has happened in the state of New York. It is a very sad situation. A New York Criminal Lawyer is well prepared to handle cases of domestic violence and other related abuse.

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