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Three Local Men are Detained In Steroids Case in Philadelphia


Three local men are suspected of distributing illegal steroids in the Delaware Valley region of Philadelphia.

Fourteen people were arrested related to the case, with two middle aged men being local to the region. All were detained Wednesday afternoon awaiting the results of the trial.

The steroids ring was managed by a police detective from Philadelphia. This was an extremely sophisticated and organized criminal venture. Large quantities of Anabolic Steroids and Human Growth Hormone were purchased from China and Europe. The New York Criminal Lawyer said that the most common drugs sold through the ring were Nandrodex 300 and Testodex Enanthate 250. Both of these are steroids which can be used to build muscles very quickly, however they have some very dangerous long term side effects. In Manhattan and Staten Island this is considered to be drug possession.

The scale of the steroids ring is thought to of been worth millions of dollars a year. The FBI have had a major success by shutting down this drug ring. Taking such a large quantity of illegal drugs off the market has helped to protect the public.

The two local suspects purchased the steroids from the police detective who then sold them onto clients in the local area. Many of the steroids were sold through fitness clubs for the purpose of body building, the N York Criminal Lawyer explained that the names of the fitness clubs were not released.

Federal agents also discovered that text messages were used to arrange the sales of steroids. The drugs were also sold through various websites such as and The New York Criminal Lawyer explains that this drug dealing ring could become much bigger if the websites were better designed, shutting down the drug ring this quickly was in everyone’s best interests.

The NY Criminal Lawyer said that the trial was ongoing. If the suspects are found guilty then they are expected to spend up to 10 years in prison. This was a very high profile case which was investigated by the Philadelphia PD, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and US Postal Inspection Service. The fact that this drug ring was run by members of the police force is very concerning, especially as it managed to run undetected for so long.

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