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Titans’ Kearse Charged With DUI-If You’re Charged, Get A Nassau County DWI Attorney


Jevon Kearse of The Titans has been arrested for DUI/DWI on the campus of Vanderbilt University. Kearse’s car was out of control and the DE was stopped early Sunday morning.

The NFLer was released later in the day after he was taken into custody. By refusing to take a breathalyzer he was arrested by Tennessee law. If you refuse the test you are implying guilt.

Don’t go it alone. If you or a family member is apprehended for DWI, you should hire a Nassau County DWI Lawyer. Not having a Nassau County DWI Attorney is an invitation to disaster as you will not know what your rights are.

Drew Rosenhaus who is Kearse’s agent and Kearse, himself, had no comment.

Kearse signed with Tennessee after he had spent the last four years with The Eagles.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with convenient locations and its Nassau County DWI Lawyers helps people throughout the Metropolitan Area including Elmont, L.I. and can be of invaluable aid to you if you find you become a defendant in a criminal action. Facing the law without good representation could lead to a bad result.

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