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With 28 Prior Arrests, White Could Have Used the Help of a New York Criminal Lawyer


This particular problem started with a simple accident. A drink was spilled and from there, gun-wielding ex-cons, bouncers and plain-clothes police were ruling the Norwood Palace Sports Bar in Cypress Hills. The deejay said it had been a great party until about 3 AM and he saw the man spill a drink. He immediately went back into the deejay booth and listened as shots were fired. It’s hard to imagine that a spilled drink could lead to such chaos and recklessness but if you or someone you know is in a situation where you need a New York Criminal Lawyer, Stephen Bilkis and Associates specialize in the criminal field and can help you.
Kevin White whose family claims he was once a bodyguard for Mariah Carey and P.Diddy say he was only doing his job. However, he was seen on surveillance video firing a gun inside the crowded bar. Once the bar was full of chaos, a nineteen-year-old Donovan Wilson shot a security guard who was fortunately wearing a bulletproof vest and wasn’t seriously injured. Once NYPD burst in the door, they encountered Wilson waving a .25-caliber handgun.
Once Wilson engaged officers by pointing a gun at them, the officers opened fired. He was hit in the chest, elbow and leg. In the meantime, other officers were busily cuffing Wilson. But, the night wasn’t coming to an end this easy.
Partygoers stranded inside the bar say that people were throwing wooden barstools at one another and at least one more gun was brandished. The video cameras verify that White had fired several shots and when the cop approached him, he turned the gun to them. The officers demanded that he to put the gun down. More shots were fired during this time and this is apparently when the bouncer was hit. Once a mild calmness returned, White was found with a .357 magnum in his hand and a semiautomatic handgun was found nearby. Possession of a weapon was on the docket in this situation.
White died later at the hospital. White’s brother said that he had taken the gun from another partygoer and was trying to do the right thing.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its New York Criminal Lawyers and convenient locations in the New York Area including Levittown, NY can be very helpful to you if you find yourself involved in a criminal prosecution. Facing charges without a New York Criminal Lawyer is a losing option.

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