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Woman Survived Attack in Miami—Mystery Solved


Although this story began in 2005, a N York Criminal Lawyer has learned from sources that the case was solved. It was solved due to the dogged determination of a private investigator, who by following his gut instincts tracked the woman’s assailant across the country.
The story began in February 2005 when a Dade County, FL, utility worker found a woman in the grass at an undeveloped cul-de-sac just outside of Miami, FL. The woman had been dumped and left for dead. Sources said that the utility notified the authorities who determined the woman was still alive and immediately transported her to the nearest medical facility where she would remain unconscious until the next day. Investigators attempted to gain information from the woman so as to ascertain who committed the crimes against her, but due to her inability to speak were able to collect some vague information as she could write it.
The woman was a Ukrainian who was employed with one of the cruise lines out of Miami who had been injured on the job and had been placed in a local hotel room by her employer as she recovered. Since the woman had filed suit against her employer, these details explained to investigators why the only person she could direct investigators that she knew was her attorney. In Westchester and Suffolk Counties this crime could easily result in a murder charge and criminal procedure would ensue.
A New York Criminal Attorney also learned that investigators were able to determine the approximate time and location of the attack on the woman. It had occurred at some point after she had entered an elevator at the hotel. The surveillance cameras showed the woman entering the elevator but did not show her exiting it. They did show, however, a large, black man exiting the elevator with a large piece of baggage that appeared to be very heavy since the man had struggled with the bag as he exited the elevator.
Investigators initially could not locate the man exiting the elevator to question him about anything that he may have seen, nor could they locate any more leads and the case went cold. Due to the woman filing a lawsuit against the hotel for lax security, the hotel hired a private investigator to investigate her claims. The investigator was a former NY police officer and federal DEA agent who soon became intrigued by the mystery of this case.
Over time, the investigator would follow leads that led him from Miami to Colorado, and to the woman’s attacker in Frederick, MD. After further investigation and the comparing of DNA evidence between her attacker and others in various locations, the man’s identity was confirmed. However, it would take his conviction on an unrelated case for the Ukrainian woman and the private investigator to see the man sentenced to 24-years to life, for his attack on a Colorado woman.

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