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World of Warcraft game helps to catch a fugitive according to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer

Police have been using online gaming to help catch thieves. A fugitive had been arrested for the sale of a controlled substance and the sale of marijuana in Illinois. He had managed to flee the country to avoid going to jail. Unfortunately he was addicted to the popular computer game “World of Warcraft.” The game, made by Blizzard Entertainment, is an online role playing where the players can interact with each other while controlling their avatar in fights and scheduled battles. Deputies in Illinois received a tip that the suspect was still an active player in the game. Blizzard Entertainment gave the man’s IP address, account and billing information to authorities. Once they had that information, they were able to find the fugitive in Ottowa, Canada. Canadian authorities aided in the arrest of the suspect. He was taken back to the United States where he is waiting for trial. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.
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