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Killer takes Julia Connors Life and Then Takes His Own Reports a Queens Criminal Lawyers

Little Julia Connors was stabbed and then partially covered with a tablecloth. When a Good Samaritan arrived on the scene, he asked her who was responsible and all she could do was murmur “A man”. She was barely hanging on at that point and even after being transported to the hospital, little Julia couldn’t recover from the attack. The twelve-year-old was a student at PS 4 and a Confirmation Candidate at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church reports a Queens Criminal Lawyers.

According to a Queens Criminal Lawyers, the little girl perished at the hands of a pathological slaughter. She had been stripped and raped and tiny body had been stabbed repeatedly. With more than 40 stab wounds on her little frame, Connors simply couldn’t hang on.

After the investigation by police started, reports that she had been assaulted in a vacant apartment on her block and then dumped in the adjacent lot were revealed. The young girls parents tried to report her missing the night before but even after multiple pleas, the parents were told that the police didn’t have the manpower to look for the little girl and that the parents should start looking for her themselves. New York Criminal Lawyers can be of great assistance when someone faces criminal charges.

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