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2 men under arrest after robbing a store owner says a New York Criminal Lawyer

On December 5, two men went into the Elmhurst Employment Agency. Once inside, a 43 year-old and a 40 year-old robbed and assaulted the agency’s owner. The agency which is located near 41st Avenue and 81st Street was robbed shortly after opening that morning. The men went inside carrying knifes and demanded money from the owner. One beat the man up while the other held the weapon to the owner. They took the owner’s money and fled from the scene. Queens County Police were tipped off as to the men’s whereabouts. One suspect was put under arrest that same evening and his partner was arrested December 10, 2009. Both men are being charged with robbery; which is a felony and criminal possession of a weapon; which is a misdemeanor. One man has been held on $60,000.00 bail while the other has been held on $25,000.00 bail. Neither men have posted bail as of yet. They will be arraigned in Queens County Criminal Court located at 125-01 Queens Blvd. Kew Gardens NY 11415.
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