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2 Teens Charged in Horrific Killings-Anyone Charged Needs A NY Criminal Lawyer


A woman and her son who was ten years old were murdered by two teenagers. According to authorities, the woman was stabbed repeatedly and the boy was hit over the head with a television set.

The Minneapolis teens were charged as adults with first degree murder. The two were identified as Stafon Edward Thompson, 17, and Brian Lee Flowers, 16, both of Minneapolis.They were charged with the deaths of Katricia Daniels, and Robert Shepard. The teens can receive a sentence of life in prison and no parole available.

Thompson and Flowers flipped on one another blaming the killings on each other. It appears that the murders knew the woman, Daniels, through her other son who is fifteen and resides in Chicago.

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That move can help you to avoid jail time.Police recovered two knives and a golf club in the Daniels’ house that they believe were used in the killings. They also found a knife in a garbage can in the alley.

Freeman said it appeared that Daniels had welcomed the teens into her home when they first arrived June 11.

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