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8-Year Old Boy Taken Into Custody for Assault


An 8-year old boy was taken into custody by police after he assaulted a school employee in Florida. After disrupting his classroom, the boy, a special-education student, left the school grounds followed by one of the school’s behavioral specialists. When the boy returned to the school, he found a pile of sticks and other objects and began throwing them at the behavioral specialist striking her at least once, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Other school employees intervened to calm the boy before he was arrested.

This is the boy’s fifth arrest for assault and the disruption of an educational institution. In earlier incidents, the boy threw books, broke windows, chased other students and threw chairs at teachers and other school employees. During one incident, the boy insisted that he be sent to jail. School officials are unsure as to why the boy continues to act out in a violent manner, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Last December, The Florida Department of Children and Families was notified about possible child abuse at the boy’s home. Reports show that while the boy suffered an injury, there was not enough evidence to support child abuse was the cause.

Over the past few months, the boy’s violent tendencies have increased, according to school officials. The boy was arrested in November and December for assault. The boy has since been arrested three more times. Charges ranging from assaulting students and teachers to destroying public property have been filed. In addition to throwing books and chairs in the classroom, the boy has also damaged computer equipment. Whether or not the boy is acting out due to abuse at home is unknown at this point.

The Florida newspaper covering this story is refusing to identify the boy since he is underage. After his arrest, the boy was taken into custody in handcuffs. He had to stand in front of a police camera for a mug shot. According to the newspaper, the boy did not appear happy or comfortable even though he had said after other incidents that he wanted to go to jail. Getting the boy treatment to discover what troubles him may be the next step. Further investigation into the boy’s home life may also be another option for the Florida Department of Children and Families. It is unclear as to what will happen to the boy now or if he will be allowed to return to school.

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