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Woman Gets Death Penalty in Arizona


A woman in Arizona was found guilty of participating in the deaths of a father and his daughter. The killings took place in 2009. The woman, an anti-illegal immigration activist, and two men forced their way into the family’s home, claims a New York Criminal Lawyer. The two men shot and killed the man and his daughter and wounded the man’s wife. The wife survived and called the police to report the killings. She says that she misses her family and blames the woman for destroying her life.

The woman, who is the head of an anti-illegal immigration watchdog group called the Minutemen American Defense, claims she is innocent and did show any remorse for her actions during the trial. This lack of remorse may have prompted the jury to sentence her to death, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. In addition to being convicted of first-degree murder, the woman is the third woman in Arizona currently on death row. According to the district attorney, even though the woman may not have actually shot the man and his daughter, she planned the attack and got the two men to follow through with her plans.

It is suspected that the woman suffers from emotional problems and may have been abused as a child. She claims she targeted the man because he was a suspected drug dealer. She told news reporters when asked about what she had done that no one with children should sell drugs. No drugs or other illegal substances were found at the home when police arrived on the scene. The apparent motivation for invading the man’s home was to steal jewelry, money, drugs and other items to help fund the Minutemen American Defense, says a New York City Criminal Lawyer. Jewelry belonging to the family was found by police at the woman’s home. After finding the jewelry, the woman was arrested and taken into police custody.

To gain entry into the home, the woman and two men posed as border patrol officers. The man, his wife and daughter were all natural-born United States citizens. They lived ten miles from the Mexican border. The two men suspected of firing the weapons that killed the man and his daughter go on trial sometime this year. The two men may also receive the death penalty if convicted of killing the man and his daughter.

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