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A child support scam


Child support payments in Texas didn’t make it to the receiver because of a child support scam that has three suspects. The three pleaded guilty to the crime of mail fraud and aggravated identity theft last Tuesday. They worked for a company that processing child support payments for the state of Texas, reported a New York City Criminal Lawyer. The face 20 years in prison for these charges.

The 3 that plead guilty are among 13 involved in this case. The state of Texas had an 18.2 million dollar contract with Affiliated Computer Services for the child support payments. AFC issued Texas debit cards to child support recipient’s. The 13 people accused in this case took advantage of this contract to pay themselves money, claims a reporter. They actually gave these debit cards to there friends and people they knew in order to pay themselves things.

ACS had been recently bought by Xerox. The new company has paid back the victims at least $275,000, according to the attorney generals office.

According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, 6 different employees accessed the computer system to get the victims addresses and other client information to give the stolen information to friends to call in and get the debit cards sent to them. This fraud and deception all happened between October 2008 and June 2010. Two of the defendants are still awaiting trial. The trial should be in March of this year. Nassau and Suffolk Counties have similar laws.

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