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Sex play results in Oklahoma woman’s death


People have all kinds of strange sexual proclivities and fantasies in this world, but most of them are relatively harmless, if a little off-putting. A spanking here and there isn’t going to really hurt anything, but some people seem to take things far more serious than other. A New York Criminal Lawyer explained that a 23 year old man placed a call to 911 services on the night of December 21, saying that he had accidentally shot his wife. When police arrived on scene, however, they got the full story.

The man and his 50 year old wife routinely engaged in sex play where the man would hold a gun to her head and threaten her life, the police were told by the man. He also said that he was unaware that the gun was loaded when he pulled the trigger while they were having sex. Now, according to the reporter, he is in custody and facing murder charges.

A New York Criminal Lawyer believes the man will most likely receive jail time even if he somehow manages to have his story corroborated. The intimacy that two people share in The Bronx and Staten Island, especially if their sexual proclivities are considered dangerous or perverse, is not likely to be announced to friends and family. It remains to be seen how the jury will respond in this case. If the sex fantasy scenario checks out, how responsible was the man in not checking for bullets before the scene took place? Further details are pending.

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