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A Noisy Car Might Get You Arrested

Don’t plan on driving around in your tricked out car with the radio at full blast. New laws could make you a criminal in Florida if you have a car that is too noisy and police catch you, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police are handing out fines and writing people up for laws that went in to affect that were meant to protect people’s hearing and privacy. Now, those laws are being challenged by people with tickets because they say the noise laws are too strict.

The “offenders” say they are not criminals and playing music within their car is not a crime. The law states that if someone – namely a police officer – can hear the music and they are at least 25 feet away, they can write you a ticket for the offense. People within the cars may have the music on and if the wind carries it the right way, police 25 feet away can come after you. The people riding in those cars believe that is not fair and that the distance by which a person can hear a radio or CD should be farther away.

Other cities besides the ones in Florida are also looking at tougher noise laws. Officials believe that if by making noise laws stricter and making them criminal offenses, people will pay attention to the law a bit more. The noise laws were created because citizens who didn’t have loud radios were tired of their cars shaking while sitting at a red light or a stop sign next to someone who had it up way too loud.

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