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2nd Man Charged in ‘Tarantino Murders’-If You’re Charged, A Nassau County Defense Lawyer Is A Must


Another man has been arrested in the stabbing deaths of two young men in London. The two were French students.

The young students were both twenty-three years old and another twenty-three year old is the second man charged with the murders. Daniel Sonnex, 23, will appear in court and face two counts of murder, the city’s authorities reported.

The victims have been identified as Gabriel Ferez and Laurent Bonomo, who were both 23. Their bodies were found with hundreds of stab wounds and were recovered after being set on fire by the murderers.

The students were involved in a research project dealing with DNA at London’s Imperial College. They were scheduled to return to France in a matter of a few weeks.

Bonomo and Ferez were students at the Clermont-Ferrand Polytechnical School in the south of France.

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The other man who is in custody and charged is Nigel Farmer, an unemployed man.

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