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A Woonsocket man is convicted of DUI resulting in death following a vehicular collision


A local Woonsocket man was recently arrested on charges of drunk driving with the result of death, as stated by a NY Criminal Lawyer. Last September, the man drove a red light while under the influence of alcohol, striking another vehicle with such force that the impact ended the life of his passenger and friend, a man from Milford, Mass. The victim is survived by three children.

According to authorities, the accused was operating the vehicle without a license, and was also under probation for drug convictions associated with the past. The accused went on to plead no contest in the city of Providence to the charges, a feasible course of action. As part of a plea agreement, the Woonsocket man’s sentence was set at 10 years in prison, with the minimum requirement of actual prison time being seven years’ served.

The crash itself occurred in the city of Pawtucket, while the convicted man faced the charges (drunk driving resulting in death) in the capital city of Rhode Island (Providence), within the Superior Court of that city on the date of January 31. The convicted man is currently 38 years of age. Due to the minimum incarceration period of seven years, he will be at least 45 years old upon release—perhaps 48 years old if the maximum sentence of 10 years is imposed upon him. A NY City Criminal Lawyer says the deceased friend of the accused was 36 at the time of his death.

This sort of situation is not outside the expertise of a New York Criminal Attorney, who is familiarized in representing defendants who have made unwise choices regarding alcohol and the operation of motor vehicles.

If you or a loved one is facing similar charges, be assured that proper representation and exceptional legal counsel will be provided you, should you decide to partner with a NY City Criminal Attorney.

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