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Huntington Beach Bar is Responsible for 72 DUI Arrests


A bar in Huntington Beach is responsible for the arrest of 72 of its patrons in less than two years. The bar is the name that is repeated over and over when police pull over and ask people who are suspected of being under the influence. Police always ask a DWI suspect where they had been drinking and make a note of it in the police file. DUI arrests have been up in the state of California and Huntington Beach has a large problem of its own, according to police officials.
The bar is a contributor to the overall drinking problem in California. The city of Huntington Beach was voted #1 in the state for having the highest per capita rate of DUI arrests. Local officials are wondering if it is the bar that is the problem or the people who frequent the establishment.
The 72 different DUI arrests happened all within a span of 22 months. The New York Criminal Lawyer reported that the bar owner claims that neither he nor his bartenders are responsible for what happens outside of the walls of the bar itself. City officials are calling the owner responsible and looking to see if they can charge him with anything, such as recklessness or disregard for public safety. There are no pending charges or litigation between the establishment and the city. There are a few DUI cases still outstanding.

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