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Adam Clayton Powell IV charged with DWI..Do You Need a New York Criminal Lawyer?


State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV was charged with DWI after the cops reported him driving dangerously and then failing to pass a breathalyzer test last night.

The State Assembly rep from East Harlem was pulled over while driving on the West Side Highway in Manhattan. It was early morning when he brought attention to himself.

Law enforcement said that Powell displayed many of the effects of alcohol use including the inability to speak clearly and eyes that seemed watery. He also smelled of alcohol and was operating his vehicle in an unsteady way. A complaint was filed in Criminal Court. Powell maintained that he only had a couple of drinks and certainly wasn’t a danger to others.
Adam Clayton Powell’s son was arraigned Thursday afternoon on charges driving a car while under the influence. He was pulled overon the Henry Hudson Parkway near the upper West Side. He did not enter a plea and did not have to post bail.

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Powell’s attorney Stacey Richman, in arguing for his release, told the judge her client had roots in the community and had dedicated his life to public service.

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