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Akhilesh Arrested at Airport


A New York Criminal Lawyer has learned that Akhilesh was arrested at Amausi international airport on Thursday. The local police chief commented that the arrest was a preventative measure as Wednesday was the last day of the Samajwadi Party’s (SP) protest against the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) government.

When Akhilesh arrived at the airport, he was greeted by a multitude of police that immediately surrounded him and led him away, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. He was being held at the Lucknow district jail after initially being taken to an undisclosed location.

Although he was whisked away rather abruptly before being allowed to speak with the media, as he was being escorted away he commented that, “This is dictatorship. We are not even being allowed a democratic protest.”

Many of the protestors were angered by Akhilesh’s arrest. They then went onto protest against the BSP for what they call corruption and lawlessness. However, the police were prepared and outnumbered the protestors. This led to many protestors being arrested and taken away. There were also many protestors who not only burned BSP flags, but also became aggressive in their attempts to confront the current administration no matter the outcome.

One local area, Amethi, saw the SP workers arrive at the protests by horseback. Of course, this took the local authorities by surprise, as they had no horses of their own at the scene in order to counter this move. The authorities could also not ascertain which to attack first, the horse, or the rider.

The protests have been ongoing since Monday when SP leader publicly announced that he was being held under house arrest so as not to be able to attend the protests that were planned for this week.

After the arrest of Akhilesh, more SP protestors arrived to the area by bus, and many women were seen leading the protests as part of their observance of International Women’s Day. While the estimated number of arrests depend on who one is asking, one estimate the number to be as high as about 30,000.

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