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Bombing suspect faces foreclosure, says New York Criminal Lawyer


The suspect in the failed Times Square bombing is in a state of foreclosure on his home and may be losing his home in the near future.

Faisal Shahzad stopped his mortgage payments on his Connecticut home in June of 2009. This coincided with a trip he took to Pakistan. Federal authorities believe that Shahzad took the Pakistan trip at that time to visit a terrorist training camp to help him prepare for his alleged terrorist activity here in the United States.Shahzad is a suspect in the failed Times Square bombing on May 1st. He is still in Federal custody on terrorist charges for attempting to set off a car bomb in Times Square. His attempt failed. He was arrested and is being held in Federal custody while awaiting trial on charges of terrorist crimes, says a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Now, a notice of judgment has been filed in Milford Superior Court ordering Shahzad to pay his mortgage company on his Connecticut home $213,000 or lose the home to foreclosure. He must pay the money to Chase Home Finance LLC by the end of July if he is going to stop the foreclosure procedures.

The home owner does have family, including a wife but his family is thought to be living outside of the United States at this time. He does have the option of attempting legal actions to stop the foreclosure but with Shahzad in Federal custody, it is doubtful he will be able to comply with the notice of judgment.

Federal officials take terror crimes very seriously, and those facing such charges will need

an experienced New York Criminal Lawyer. You donĂ­t want to come against the Federal Government without adequate representation.

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