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An Anderson County man involved in a fatal crash resulting in the death of his son


A 32-year-old man from Anderson County, SC crossed a median while driving with his son on Liberty Highway in late February, resulting in the unfortunate death of the man’s son.

Late Saturday night, February 26, the local man in question from the Slabtown community of Anderson County was driving his Jeep with his son in the passenger seat next to him. He had just picked the boy up from his mother’s house for the weekend, as was his bi-weekly custom, and was on the way to his own home when the crash occurred. Upon crossing the median, the Jeep collided head-on with a suburban, with the result that both driver and passenger were ejected from the Jeep. The man’s son was airlifted to a local hospital for major injuries that were not known at the time of this report, as noted by a New York Criminal Lawyer. Unfortunately the young boy did not survive his life-threatening injuries; he died at approximately 2 AM on the morning of February 27.

Meanwhile, the driver/father of the young boy was admitted to the neuroscience intensive care unit of a separate medical facility. A New York City Criminal Lawyer observes that according to a hospital spokeswoman familiar with the incident, the father declared to be in serious condition.

According to law enforcement authorities from the South Carolina Highway Patrol, it is suspected that the father of the young boy had been drinking alcohol which may have directly led to the errant driving. A N York Criminal Lawyer realized that as of now charges have not been filed, though it is apparent that such charges are pending a thorough investigation which will hopefully reveal the specifics of this tragic incident. According to the Lance Cpl. of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the precise details of the charges as well as the moment of their issue depends largely upon the testimony and investigation of SCHP troopers, as well as the 10th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

It appears that the other man involved in this incident, whose suburban was hit when the Jeep crossed the median, was also admitted to a local medical facility. However, he was later released, having suffered only minor injuries that were not life-threatening.

Such a tragic scenario is all too common in our world of high-speed vehicles, especially when alcohol seems to be involved. If you or a loved one discovers yourself facing criminal charges for involvement in a alcohol-based or other at-fault vehicular injury or death, a New York Criminal Attorney is standing by to assist you with legal counsel and representation.
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