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In Georgia, Murder Part of Insurance Scam


The friendship between two young men ended in murder and the parents of the victim were always sure their son’s friend was up to no good.
According to the victim’s mother, the alleged murderer only showed up when he wanted something from them. “He was a leech,” she said.
It was this supposed friend that led the victim to drinking, the mother said, and this was not helpful to a 22-year-old man trying to find his way in the world.
The victim’s mother wasn’t the only one attempting to keep the young man away from his friend. His other friends would also advise him to stay away. His mother explained to New York Criminal Lawyers that her son “would stand by a person he thought was a friend”. Sadly, that attitude may have cost him his life.
The young man was found dead inside his home on December 14, 2007, with a gunshot wound in his torso. There was also an unidentified 21-year-old man outside the victim’s trailer home, also shot.
This second young man turned out to be the alleged perpetrator of the crime, but at the time he was merely considered another victim. His gunshot wound was treated and he survived. As for the homicide, it remained unsolved. No one could imagine anyone would the victim, known for helping out his neighbors.
The family learned their slain son’s friend had been arrested in Georgia for murder. In the course of that investigation, they found an uncashed life insurance policy in the name of the victim for $250,000. The sole beneficiary was the friend of the young man found shot at the scene of the crime. It was dated six months before the shooting. The circumstances of the latest murder were very similar to the earlier one, right down to the life insurance policy – this one for $500,000.
Investigators “have seen a lot of similarities in both cases”, and New York Criminal Lawyers have discovered that the victim’s so-called friend has now been named as a suspect in both murders.

There are a great many awful crimes that occur on a daily basis, but there are others not so terrible. In fact, there are many people accused who have not done anything wrong. Whatever the case, they all need representation in court. If they want fair representation, their first choice should be a New York Criminal Lawyer. It is your right to have your side of the story told in legal matters, so make sure the one telling your story is a real New York Criminal Lawyer.
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