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An ice pick murder case involves a woman


A plea of guilt was given Wednesday from a Montgomery County woman in an ice pick murder case. This case included a false promise of sex, an argument over child custody and the fact the a new husband was willing to kill using an ice pick, reported a police source.

This woman may get life in prison for this murder. She lured a man to her house and as she hugged him in her front yard, the new husband came out from behind a tree and killed him. The victim was stabbed 13 times and quickly died after being stabbed in the heart and lungs, according to a report.

The idea of using an ice pick came from a friend that claims to have killed many people using one and it’s considered a clean kill without a lot of external bleeding. A very brutal and violent way to die. This killer even stabbed the victim in the back as he tried to get away, explained a policeman.

A lady was driving down the road and happened to see the victim laying in the street and assumed he was drunk. It wasn’t until an autopsy was conducted that the use of an ice pick was found. This was all tracked back to the lady and her new husband because of a child custody dispute. The victim still had his identification on him and was easily identified. The detectives found the ice pick in a desk drawer at the woman’s house.

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