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How a Drug Company Puts the Death Penalty On Hold

Hospira Inc. has decided to stop producing their anesthetic that is frequently used to terminate the life of those who are faced with charges like murder meriting the death penalty. A study shares further insight, that a drug company, Hospira Inc., that is based in Lake Forest, Illinois has chosen to discontinue the production of their drug: thiopental sodium. This drug is commonly used by many states when the lethal injection becomes necessary.

This decision has thrown a permanent hitch in the justice systems process of capital punishment. Though, it might be possible to switch to a different drug, for the use of lethal injections, a switch like that requires a great deal of paper work, and approval—something that certainly wouldn’t be happening overnight. According to a report, since the drug company’s choice to halt production, many prisons have already run out of thiopental sodium, causing a delay in executions. The company planned to resume their production that was based out of their Italian plant, but a person explains, that the Italian government refused to have this Italian-made drug used in lethal injections.

However, a substitute drug has surfaced: pentobarbital. This drug was commonly used to euthanize animals in Oklahoma, but due to the shortage of thiopental sodium, the drug was approved by a US District Judge and used as to no longer further delay the execution of two Oklahoma inmates. In the early 1970’s Oklahoma was the first state to approve the use of thipental sodium in lethal injections, and perhaps they may be the state to lead the way again, promoting the use of a new drug in lethal injections that will put our nation’s capital punishment system back on track.

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