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Animal Doctor Murders His Pregnant Technician


It is one of the grisliest murders the locals have seen in a while. The incident is right out of an “America’s Most Wanted” episode. An animal doctor was arrested last week for killing in cold blood his veterinarian technician, 27, who was also pregnant. The man has been charged with criminal homicide according to one source and a possible sex crime. The suspect has also been charged with the death of her unborn child. Snyder is from North Whitehall Township near Allentown Pennsylvania. The suspect is a veterinarian at Montgomery County’s animal health facility.

Authorities found the victim’s body in a wooded, hilly area outside of North Whitehall Township. Her body had multiple gunshot wounds. Authorities told a N York Criminal Lawyer that on March 17, 2011, they found Snyder’s car parked in an industrial park. One of the windows was shattered. Shell casings and blood were found inside the vehicle. Upon reviewing security tapes, authorities observed that a man drove the woman’s car into the park and exited the vehicle after a short time. Upon exiting the vehicle the man, later identified as the suspect, tossed some items into a dumpster. After investigating, police removed a bleach container and some sealed medical records belonging to the victim inside the dumpster.

Friends of the technician told police that they were aware that the 27 year old was going out with her “boyfriend” whom they identified as the suspect. There were accounts that the couple was fighting a lot recently due to her pregnancy. Her roommate told police in the court report that on the fateful day she received a strange text from her phone. She was suspicious as to who wrote the text because it was written differently than her usual texts.

Investigators went to the home of suspect and his wife to question him about his ties to the victim. The suspect at first denied any contact over the past several months, but when confronted with proof that he had seen her recently, he confessed to an affair and didn’t want his wife to know.

Later that week police matched the gunshot wounds to the suspect’s Glock handgun and the arrest followed soon after. Additionally, it is believed that an autopsy is being down todetermine if a sex crime was commited.

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