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Goldman Sachs Sent Out Many Subpoenas

A New York Criminal Lawyer was informed that Goldman Sachs has sent out a bunch of subpoenas related to the mortgage security suit that they settled on last year. The man in charge is known as the Fabulous Fab and he was charged with misleading investors in a mortgage security “scheme” that later fell apart. The Fabulous Fab and several other people from Goldman Sachs were charged in the incident.
The lawyer believes that Goldman Sachs is firing back with a suit of their own. They have been handing out subpoenas to everyone who even has the slightest connection to the case, from Fox News to the world’s banks. The Fabulous Fab is trying to prove that he was not the leader of the fraud that took place at his company, even though the company settled out of court over the matter.
Even though Goldman Sachs settled for a sum of $550 million dollars, The Fabulous Fab has determined that he will prove himself not guilty by building his own defense in the matter. It isn’t clear if he is seeking to get a portion of that money back or if he is seeking a set amount for himself for being wrongly accused in the matter. The NY City Criminal Lawyer says the case will take weeks to process through court and to hear all of the testimony provided by the people subpoenaed. Lawyers in New York and even Staten Island would not comment on exactly how many subpoenas went out or exactly what kind of information they were looking for.

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