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Arizona State Senate Bill Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration,


The Senate Appropriations Committee of the Arizona State Senate passed a new bill with tougher rules concerning illegal immigrants. SB 1611 allows law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants for driving a vehicle, requires employers to run more thorough background checks on potential employees and prohibits illegal immigrants to take advantage of certain public services such as staying in homeless or domestic violence shelters, attending state colleges or even getting a library card. While the bill passed 7-6 in the committee, it will have opposition in the State Senate, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Two republican senators on the committee voted down the bill expressing worry over some of the details included in the bill. One republican senator said that the bill was written too hastily. One democratic senator said the bill does not take into consideration the children of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. who were unaware they were not supposed to be in the country. Many of these children now attend state colleges. Senate President Russell Pearce R-Mesa said that while he had met with some of these children and was impressed by them, at some point they had to have known they were in the country illegally and should take responsibility for that.

Pearce went on to say that SB 1611 is no more than an addition to a bill passed in 2004. That bill also denied illegal immigrants the use of public services, but was limited to certain services. SB 1611 would define additional services and give law enforcement additional rights such as imprisoning an illegal immigrant for a minimum 180 days if they used another person’s identity to secure a job, explains a Bronx Criminal Lawyer . SB 1611 would also prohibit illegal immigrants from securing public housing. Immigrants must also show proof of citizenship when enrolling children in public school.

While the fate of this bill remains unclear, many in the Arizona State Senate agree that the federal government had done little to help secure the border between Mexico and Arizona. Government leaders in Arizona have decided to enforce additional rules and regulations concerning illegal immigrants to prevent new immigrants from crossing those borders and sending back those who have been living in the United Stated illegally, even if they have been doing so for a long time.

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