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Former murder suspect living as a woman, says New York Criminal Lawyer


John Mark Karr, who became semi-famous in 2006 for associating himself with the death of JonBenet Ramsey, is living here in the United States as a woman, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Karr falsely confessed to the murder of Benet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado but it was later proven that he did not perform the murder nor did he help commit the crime. JonBenet Ramsey was a 6 year old beauty queen found murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado
in 2006. The crime has never been solved and Karr was ruled out as the perpetrator.

Karr was a Thai teacher previously and he is now living in Washington state as a woman. There is no evidence that Karr has had any surgical procedures to officially become a woman. Karr is using the alias Alexis Valoran Reich and recent photographs of him show a much more feminine appearance then in the past. The pictures suggest to New York Criminal Lawyers that he is attempting to portray himself as a woman and further evidence to this attempt is that he is
using a female name.

A woman has come forth and reported Karr as living in Washington impersonating a woman. She also accuses him of allegedly attempting to form a cult of young girls. The woman appeared on the NBC’s Today Show to publicize the new life of Karr and she has also placed a restraining order against the female impersonator.

At this time it is not known if there will be any legal actions taken against Karr other then the restraining order that has been filed with the local court.

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