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Arrest warrant issued for Long Beach fire captain in alleged drunk-driving crash


A fire captain from Long Beach, Long island was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly being over the legal drink drive limit when he crashed into a bicyclist.

The fire captain was driving his pickup truck when he hit a cyclist, who was injured and needing medical attention. It is alleged that the driver of the truck simply drove away without stopping to offer assistance to the bicyclist. It’s a sad to think that someone who saves lives as part of their job can endanger them when driving.

The report handed to the New York Criminal Attorney states that the cyclist suffered bruising, severe cuts, trauma to the head and serious spinal injuries. His injuries required him to stay in hospital for two weeks. He still suffers from mobility, speech and memory loss problems as a result of the accident and is receiving ongoing treatment. The accident has affected the cyclist’s entire life.

It would be impossible for the driver of the truck not to realize that he hit the cyclist. The crash caused severe damage to the truck and left it splattered in blood. The driver either did not realize because he was intoxicated, or was aware but didn’t want to be caught over the limit.

Fortunately two drivers witnessed the crash and called for medical assistance. They followed the fire chief to his home and called the local police department. Two hours after the crash it was found that he had an alcohol level of .24 percent – the limit is just .08 percent This is clearly DWI. The prosecutors argue that the driver was well over the legal limit and shouldn’t of even been behind the wheel of a car. New York City as well as Long Island has heavy punishment for this crime.

Lawyers filed a number of charges against the driver, including a felony count of DWI, hit and run, and causing actual bodily injury. The trial is ongoing, but the New York City Criminal Lawyer said he could have a maximum sentence of over six years. Police are currently trying to track down the drunk driver who failed to attend court.

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