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A Queens Suspect Pleads Not Guilty to Putting Woman in Coma


A Queens man pleaded not guilty to beating a petite Bronx woman into a coma even as the victim’s mother called him a coward. Apparently, the whole incident started over an East Village parking space.
The 35-year-old suspect pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault, even though he had already apologized for the February 25 attack. He also confessed to police on videotape.
“So I punched her in the face and I saw her fall to the ground,” he said, according to the sources of N York Criminal Lawyers. “I hit her because she hit me.”
The 25-year-old victim is still at Bellevue Hospital, as if this writing, but has awoken from her coma, according to her mother.
“It’s a huge miracle,” the victim’s mother said.
The victim had to undergo several sessions of brain surgery and still has a long way to go until she is fully recovered. New York Criminal Lawyers have learned that part of her skull may have to be removed due to her brain swelling. She will always have a scar from ear to ear over the top of her head.
“I don’t know if she will be able to work again, drive a car or walk without assistance,” the mother expressed.
The suspect told authorities he was “very, very” sorry and that he had hit the woman “out of reflex” after she smacked him. He was trying to back a Plymouth Voyager into a parking space she was attempting to save for her boyfriend.
The suspect, an electrician, says he fled the scene because the victim’s boyfriend was coming across the street. Though he stands at 5 feet, 7 inches, he claims he hit the woman, one inch shy of five feet, in self-defense.
“I find it so callous that he hit her and drove away like a coward,” the woman’s mother told. “It’s absurd that this happened over a parking spot. It’s absurd that he hit a girl and that he went to a party after he watched her hit the ground.”

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