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Bartender at Julius Bar Attacked by Gay Bashers


Yet another attack on gays has happened in New York, this time against a bartender in the city’s oldest gay bar, a New York Criminal Lawyer reported. A 45-year-old man is charged with beating up two other men on October 11, authorities told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The suspect made his first attack inside Ty’s Bar, taking his wallet and cutting his face when he punched him, authorities told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The 31-year-old victim needed medical attention, including stitches after the attack.
Around ten minutes later, the suspect arrived at Julius Bar, the city’s oldest gay bar, and argued with the bartender after being refused service. “What are you going to do, you f—– n—–,” he was said to yell at the 26-year-old bartender while hitting him in the face. “You are a f—– f—-.”
The suspect was arrested and charged with felony assault as a hate crime, as well as attempted robbery. The Hate Crimes Unit for the Manhattan district attorney’s office is in charge of the prosecution.
Earlier in the moth, two men from Staten Island were charged with assault for beating a man while screaming anti-gay slurs in a bathroom at the Stonewall Inn, one of the most famous gay bars in the country. “It is unacceptable that perpetrators of anti-LGBTQ violence feel emboldened to come into any neighborhood, including gay-friendly neighborhoods, and attack LGBTQ people because of who we are,” said the executive director of a gay and transgender rights group.
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