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Benson Arrested For Intoxicated Boating-Hire A Queens Lawyer If You’r Arrested.


It took pepper spray and a host of police to get NFL star, Cedric Benson, under control. He had to be removed from his boat after failing a test for sobriety.

Law enforcement authorities say that the Bears running back was operating a boat while under the influence. Roger Wade who is the County spokesman informed the press of the incident. He also reported that the football player was released on bail.

You can be sure that Benson has a lawyer and that’s why he was released on bail. If you are arrested, be sure you have a Queens Criminal Attorney to protect your rights.

Benson’s boat was stopped on a routine check and he was found to be legally intoxicated. When asked to remove himself from the boat which had friends and guests aboard Benson refused and had to be subdued and taken into custody.

This all took place on the Lower Colorado River.

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