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Brinks Truck Robbery Suspect Arrested


Biloxi, MS, police have arrested an armed robbery suspect that is suspected of holding up a Brinks security guard on Wednesday, a New York Criminal Lawyer has learned. The suspect had confronted a Brinks’ guard who had just completed making a pickup at a local store, and at gunpoint demanded the guard to lie on the floor. The suspect took the Brinks bag and ran away.

Witnesses at the scene described the suspect’s vehicle to police and the suspect was soon spotted by a patrol officer who attempted to stop the vehicle. Following a brief pursuit along a local highway and city streets, the chase soon led into a local neighborhood, police discovered the suspect’s disabled vehicle abandoned with a flat tire. Officers and K-9’s took to the pursuit by foot through the neighborhood yards and the local wooded area. The suspect was taken into custody shortly thereafter without further incident.

As reported by the Stated Island Criminal Lawyer, this incident could have ended badly. When the suspect entered the local neighborhood, there were families and children who were watching as the events unfolded and many were reportedly frightened as they observed the suspect running through yards, and jumping over shrubbery and through fences. The officers on the scene did an excellent job in not only capturing an armed robbery suspect, but also in community relations as when the officers entered the neighborhood, they informed many of its residents to lock their doors and to stay away from the windows for safety’s sake. The residents have stated that they are very appreciative of not only the officers capturing the suspect, but to their rapid response to the scene.

As part of their ongoing investigation, the police have located the Brinks bag, and an old cell phone they have yet to identify, but have thus far not located the weapon that was allegedly used in the robbery of the Brinks guard. Even if it was not a gun, but perhaps only looked like one, it is still armed robbery. Most state laws make that perfectly clear. The suspect’s bail has been set at $250,000.

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