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Baseball Player Threatened to Kill People Before DWI Arrest


Just when you think you have heard the entire story, new information has been revealed that prior to a well known baseball player’s DWI arrest in February; he apparently had some choice words to say to some folks at a local restaurant.

The apparently intoxicated gentleman had stopped into a local restaurant at about 10:30pm when the manager told him that the restaurant was closing. He proceeded on into the restaurant when was informed by the manager again that the restaurant was closing. Was reported to have made repeated comments to the manager that he did not know who he was. A New York Criminal Lawyer was also told that he leaned into the manager’s face and said, “I know all of you, and I will kill all of you and blow this place up,” as he patted the side of his shoulder bag.

It was at this point that the manager instructed a bartender to call 911, and the off-duty wildlife officer who had been inside the restaurant speaking with his friend, the manager, stepped out to his vehicle to collect his badge and firearm. It was at this point that the baseball player exited the restaurant and sped away in his vehicle while continuing to shout obscenities at everyone within hearing distance. It was not long afterwards that the police arrived.

About 30-minutes after the incident at the restaurant, the man’s vehicle was spotted on the shoulder of the same road as the restaurant with smoke coming from it. When the deputy approached him, the deputy smelled alcohol, and according to the arrest report, the player actually turned up a bottle of scotch and took a drink in front of the deputy. It was at this point of the incident that he was arrested for DWI, and for resisting arrest without violence after he put up a small struggle with deputies.

Neither the baseball team, or his attorney had any comments. As of this writing, his attorneys have entered a plea of not guilty with the court.

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