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California To Crack Down on DUIs State Wide

Not one, not two, not even three, but well over one hundred different police agencies throughout the great state of California got together and announced a new plan that would be in place to discourage people from drinking then driving, said a New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer. The plan was to start with the holiday season and then continue into the new year. Don’t take the party on the road, was the new slogan. A catchy, simple reminder that alcohol and cars simply do not mix – no matter what someone may think in a dumb moment of booze induced stupidity.

Young men, fueled with testosterone and who knows what else are the worst offenders, a police spokesperson told a NY City Criminal Defense Lawyer. They drink, drive, and think they can take on the world. They have a self-centered world view where they are king and everyone else exists to simply help them live however they want. Drinking and driving is a problem all over the country, but California has seen its fair share pain and horror. In L.A. alone there were over one hundred and fifty DWI related deaths.

Police recommended many simple steps people can take all in an effort to lessen their likelihood of killing someone while drinking and driving. A New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer indicated that they encouraged people to pick a designated driver, locate public transportation, or make arrangements to stay the night.

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