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A Fort Meyers father is pursued following alleged abduction of his son across state lines

Following an intense situation of alleged parental child abduction, a man from Fort Meyers is said to have been found along with his son in the state of Michigan, to the joy of the boy’s mother.

Last October, a young boy in the midst of his parents’ divorce was abducted by his father following a warrant for the father’s arrest. The father and mother had previously divorced, and were sharing legal custody of the child in the form of legal visits with the father. When the father discovered that a warrant was issued for his arrest, he panicked. Following the confirmation of this warrant by way of a patrol car visible near the mother’s home, the father proceeded to flee with the boy.

It is the testimony of the mother that both father and son from Fort Meyers have been found in Michigan; however, as noted by a NY Criminal Lawyer, authorities have not verified this testimony on the part of the mother, who when asked to comment, replied, “I’ve been hoping for this every day. Today is the best day ever.”

The serious legal repercussions of this situation are specified by a New York Criminal Lawyer: according to the Lee County Sheriff’s office, the father was charged with “interference with the custody of a child”, which is a felony of the third degree in the state of Florida. It is also noted that the father was placed on the “10 Most Wanted list” of South West Florida’s Crime Stoppers.

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