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Camp Counselor Commits Suicide After Being Targeted by Sex Abuse Probe


A camp counselor committed suicide on the camp grounds, after becoming the subject of a sex abuse investigation. This summer camp was one attended by U.S. Senator Scott Brown in his youth.
The day after the investigation began, the counselor committed suicide. A 35-year-old man claimed the counselor molested him back in 1985. The accuser said he gained his inspiration to come forward from Senator Brown, who had recently revealed he was also molested as a boy in summer camp.
N York Criminal Lawyers have learned the counselor was also an assistant director and had been at the camp for several decades. He was found dead in his vehicle in a wooded area of Camp Good News, police sources said. The police have already ruled it a suicide.
“My client is saddened by the circumstances,” the lawyer of the accused explained. “He wanted to face the alleged perpetrator at a criminal trial.”
Senator Brown revealed early in 2011 that he was the victim of abuse at a summer camp when he was a boy, but he never said which camp it was. It was later learned that Brown did attend Camp Good News and that the camp wrote a letter of apology to the senator. The facts of the abuse were revealed the book “Against All Odds”.
Brown’s spokeswoman released a statement, stating, “Senator Brown is aware of the reported suicide at Camp Good News, but he wants to emphasize that he does not know the deceased and has never met him.”
The attorney of the accuser says he received two phone calls from adult men who also claimed the counselor abused them. The original accuser does not want to be identified. He says the abuse occurred when he was 10. In Long Island and Manhattan the accused does not have to reveal his or her identity until he or she is charged.
“There were red flags,” the attorney reported. “The questions remain: What did the supervisors know? When did they know? And what did they do about it?”
A former camp employee told Brooklyn Sex Crimes Lawyers he had notified camp administrators that the counselor had child pornography on his computer, but they did nothing. He also contacted the police in 2002, but nothing seemed to come of those allegations

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