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Maryland Man Extradited from Europe Faces Rape Charges


A former Maryland man was extradited from Eastern Europe in March 2011 to face rape charges from more than a decade ago. He recently appeared in court for a preliminary hearing.
The 51-year-old defendant is being held without bond. The charges against him are first- and second-degree rape, third-degree sex offense, first-degree assault, three counts of second-degree assault and two counts of false imprisonment. Queens Sex Crimes Lawyers are well versed in these kinds of cases.
A retired Maryland State Police investigator said the complaint was first issued on November 30, 2000.
“He said she sustained serious injury, and [the officer on the scene] called an ambulance,” the investigator said.
The woman was later interviewed at Washington County Hospital, where it was seen she had injuries such as scratches, bruises and swelling to her face. She had once been in a relationship with the defendant, but left him because of his tendency toward violence. Later, she resumed the relationship.
The day before the assault he became very angry with her over a scratch on a computer screen. He became “very romantic” after that, but she rejected his overtures, the investigator revealed to New York City Criminal Lawyers.
According to the woman, the defendant held her down and demanded to know if she had been in any other relationships while they were separated, then beat and choked her and said he was going to have sex with her. Judges in The Bronx and Brooklyn are known to be very harsh when sentencing defendants who are convicted of charges and crimes like this one.
“She was afraid to resist because she was in fear for her life,” the investigator testified.
The woman claimed she was bound with duct tape, a belt, and a necktie. She continued to struggle, at which point the defendant forced her to swallow pills. He only left after she promised to tell no one. She managed to free herself and ran into a trooper outside.
A warrant was issued, but the defendant had left for Germany and they refused to extradite him, according to reports. He was taken into custody in October 2010 when he was found in the Czech Republic. He had gone there to apply for a driver’s license.

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