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Car fire turns out to be arson in Freeport, New York reports a NY Criminal Lawyer

A dangerous early morning car fire at 128 Guy Lombardo Ave. in Freeport, NY turned out to be done purposely by the car’s owner. Anthony Rosario, 18, set a car on fire in front of the apartment building he lived in. The car was his own. His apartment building has 80 units, and the fire was less than three feet away from the building, but luckily no one was hurt. Freeport Police were able to arrest Rosario because his apartment building’s surveillance cameras caught him in the act. They have also reported that officers found a gas can nearby and an unusually large amount of gasoline in the car. Freeport Police have also stated that Rosario did not like his car and purposely set it on fire. He has been charged with arson and reckless endangerment. He will be arraigned at Nassau First District Court, which is located at 99 Main Street, Hempstead NY.

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