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State prosecutors in New Jersey have accused a doctor of trying to have several murders committed for him, trying to hire or otherwise coerce others to kill his wife, his lover, and his former business partner.

The Jersey City-based internist remained in jail after his arrested, with a bail set at a hefty $2.5 million. This doctor, aged 63, was arrested in October 2010, not for conspiracy to commit murder, but on completely unrelated charges of Medicaid fraud. This could easily be a case for a New York Grand Larceny Lawyer and in Brooklyn and The Bronx this is a likely scenario.

As authorities looked into his affairs, they discovered the doctor had talked to an acquaintance of his to kill his lover over $250,000 she owed him. He was afraid the missing money might lead his wife to discover the affair. Then, they learned he also wanted his former business partner killed over a long-standing argument the pair had.